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CBC News Edmonton, Year in Review, Edmonton’s Best Eats 2014Three foodies list the best of the best across 12 categories of restaurants.  Bruce Hotel comes in with two others as a restaurant worth going out of your way to get to.  Stephanie says: "Hop in the car (or truck) and drive an hour and a half through rolling prairie farms to get to the small town of Bruce and experience the Bruce Hotel’s restaurant. You have to reserve ahead but their steak nights are worth it: set prices for medium to gigantic steaks alongside an all-you-can-eat, down-home salad and dessert bar. 
Check out their web page.

Russel B’s Yelp  Review of September 13, 2014: We pulled into the Bruce hotel about 15 minutes early for our reservation and there was a bus load of seniors finishing their dinner. I knew this was a good sign because seniors know where the best food and the best deals are.The lobby area was packed with more people than likely live in Bruce. We got to meet a couple regulars and others like us who had made the road trip to try their famous steak.

After the seniors wheeled out of the restaurant we were seated right next to the buffet. Our waitress let us know that she would take our name, how we want our steak done and drink order and then we can help ourselves to the salad bar. They only serve top sirloin on Friday nights, so ordering is really easy. The salad bar always has 10 different home made salads, my favourite was the macaroni crab salad, but the spinach salad was also pretty friggin good.  Read on… 

Steakout at Bruce Hotel (from AMA’s February 2013 issue of Westworld Magazine):  GREAT STEAKS, no fussy decor.  You know the drill when dining out in small-town Alberta.  one of rural Alberta’s best chophouses is the Bruce Hotel in the town of Bruce, 125 kilometres southeast of Edmonton.  Every Friday, owners Debbie Boyd and Karl Pickup serve succulent steaks to a packed house of around 200 diner, for under $20 a head.  

Alberta Hospitality, Summer 2011, Pages 16-17 - Offering Epic Steak Nights…: Built in 1911, the Bruce Hotel, which is about an hour’s drive southeast of Edmonton, isn’t what usually comes to mind when you think of a hotel.  Small to begin with, the property originally had only ten guest rooms. Years later, after owners Deb Boyd and Karl purchased it in 1998, the hotel offers up a mere four rooms for guests - and only those people the couple know and trust, who won’t mistreat the premises. (The remaining six rooms above the dining room have been renovated to make living quarters for Deb and Karl themselves.)

So how does a hotel make ends meet with only four guest rooms? Why, with a focus on F&B, and a feature that draws appetites from hundreds of miles around, of course. Steak night, a weekly occurrence at the Bruce Hotel, brings in crowds of up to 200 on any given Friday night, and more in the winter.

To read the rest of the article, click on this link: Bruce Alberta Hospitalilty PDF.pdf

November 17. 2008: Barry (Collins) Loves BruceAlberta, that is. 
Many would drive by this tiny community of three streets and two avenues without thinking to stop, take a deep breath and smell the beef; but friday nights at the bruce hotel is the place to be for one of the best steaks you’ll have in your life.  

Not to be forgotten are the unlimited salad bar, sweet treats and potatoes drowning in cream.  even if steak isn’t your thing, there’s no excuse to not come by, check out the wood panelled walls, bingo hall chairs and luxurious paper plates.  it’s a feast for the senses (and your belly) that should not be missed!

Vue Weekly, April 8, 2004:  CARNIVORE KNOWLEDGE (by Dave DiCenzo):  Steaks are the only item on the menu on Fridays—but why the hell would you want anything else? They start with baby-like four-ouncers and proceed from there. The largest is 16 ounces; it costs $20.99 (GST included) and like the other sizes, it comes with an unlimited spread of salads, sides and desserts—dill and cream potatoes (wicked, by the way), franks and beans, corn, mushrooms and onions, at least seven salads, pickles, fresh fruit and an assortment of goodies for the sweet tooth from the lemony poppyseed cake with butter icing to the cappuccino Nanaimo bars and Hershey’s kisses. And free coffee!

The Bruce Steak Run by RBR Limo Service:
As the name says, this is about steak. The steaks we will be eating - prepared just the way you want it - are locally grown and are hung for at least 21 days for tenderness and flavour. They are freshly cut that morning, and that's about as fresh as it gets unless you follow the cow around with a fork. 

All the salads and fixings are home made and prepared fresh for that serving: when was the last time you had potatoes in fresh farm cream? 

And the desserts are freshly prepared too, of course. All of this is served buffet-style, which means it's an all-you-can-eat affair... which perhaps explains why the journey home is sometimes called the moan and groan part of our trip.

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